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Import your project through a simple and easy wizard importer.

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DotNet, Java, Web, Desktop, Mobile, simply choose, and your software will be generated automatically.

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Software Development Consultancy

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We can also help you offering a full software development service. Speeding up the process of development, and allowing you to focus even more on what your company does best, your business.

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Import your database

The initial step to generate your software, you have to import your database with the import wizard.

Add Some Information

After import, you can add information about the tables and fields in order to improve the final generated code.

Setup Screens

Parametrize the information from each screen to be generated, improving the final generated code.

Choose Target Plataform

Simply choose the platform on which you want your software to be generated.

Wait Code Generation

Wait while your software is created, it usually takes less than 1 minute.

Browse the Code

After generation, you can browse through all the generated code.




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