Examples & Cases of Success

In this page you will find examples and cases of success of programs generated with the izCode. The projects contained here are merely illustrative, and have are not commercial .

Available Examples

Agenda CRM

CRM Agenda aims to manage a schedule of contacts and clients of a small business. This is a low complexity project, however, the fact of being done with the MVP pattern makes the development very complex.

Note: The development model used was the MVP, Model View Presenter. The model to be used will depend on your technical or business needs. Either way, the value proposed by izCode always shall take account of the model you choose. That is, if you use a simpler model of development, which requires less programmer, like the Client/Server model, izCode will generate the software according to your needs, also reduce the value of the business proposition in proportion.

Entities 7 Tables
Attributes 27 functional attributes
Target Platform . Net / C # / ASP.Net / Ajax
Model Development Model View Presenter (MVP)
Functional Screens 14 screens
Estimated Cost Development Manual (COCOMO'II) $ 30,116.71
Estimated Cost of the project with the izCode $ 6023.34
Economy Expected $ 24,093.37


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